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When I came to the U.S. many years ago, I missed the food of my country and culture,
Syria, and a restaurant seemed like a natural way to satisfy my personal and financial needs at
the same time. Some people recommended that to be successful in an American market, the food
of Syria must be adapted to an American palate. The thought of the richness of the food that
grew out of the cradle of civilization being changed was impossible to me, and more important,
my family. The food the many generations of women in my family had faithfully passed down is
the a priceless treasure and testament of the time tested recipes that are served to a new
generation that finds the food incomparable to any other that can be found.
To change the recipes is to deny the essence of the Syrian kitchen, for the food is more
than a nutrition delivery system; it is food for the body and the soul. The Syrian dishes served at
Ali Baba is not only a culinary experience, it is emotional. The spices unique to the meals
prepared at Ali Baba’s have been carefully selected and imported from the Middle East to ensure
the flavors are historically perfect. The love of family and culture is infused in the flavors in
every carefully rolled dolma (stuffed grape leaf), and the aromatic Basmati rice is prepared with
exactly the right spices to enhance rather than compete the flavors of the freshest ingredients.
The mothers that taught our cooks stressed the importance of history, culture, and family.
Each recipe serves as evidence of the love mothers have for their family, and we invite our
guests to join in the family of mankind as they partake of the food that grew out of the first
civilization of human history.